FantasyRama – Dive into your own enchanted gardens in your browser

Save the Great Tree of Life in the alluring world of FantasyRama – a myriad of fantastical flora and fauna awaits

Welcome to the enchanted gardens of the FantasyRama! In Bigpoint’s latest browser game, you will behold a splendor unlike you’ve ever since as you create your own world of wonder and magic. Cultivate mystical plants and breed stables full of magical creatures in your personal enchanted gardens. In the shadow of the Great Tree of Life awaits a host of alluring pixies to enlighten you in the ways of the Pixie Forest. In the magical world of FantasyRama, Elves, fairies and mystical creatures coexist under the protection of the mighty tree of life. The perfect dreamland of this adventure game, however, is at the risk of destruction and therefore, is badly in need of a hero or heroine who can rise to the occasion to save the world and restore it to its glorious past. Can you usher in the age of a new moon in this fun and exciting browser game and save FantasyRama?

Restore the tree of life to greatness

At the heart of Bigpoint’s magical garden casual game is the once mighty Great Tree of Life. The root issue threatening FantasyRama’s mystical arbor is mankind's lack of imagination, which is subsequently zapping the Tree of its life-force. The hard-working pixies and fairies are giving it their all to restore the Tree of Life to its former glory. Everyone is chipping in, but the forest inhabitants can only do so much.

Food fit for a fir

It’s up to you to harvest the only remedy that can help resuscitate the Great Tree – ambrosia! To save the world in this casual game by Bigpoint, you must cultivate stables full of wondrous creatures to produce the magic of ambrosia, although only the wisest pixies know how to harness the secret of this glimmering elixir to nourish the Tree of Life. One thing is for certain – in FantasyRama, you can only get good ambrosia from happy creatures with full bellies.

Bring your magical gardens to life

In FantasyRama you are the chief of your own grove of fauna and flora. Create a landscape bursting with colorful vegetation spanning a broad spectrum of the spectacular: trees with aquatic foliage, shrubbery that sparkles and plants that dance to cut loose – just to name a few. But the gardens in FantasyRama can entail so much more! In this fantasy game you must erect a host of stables to house exotic creatures that go far beyond your wildest imaginations. How does a garden of out-of-this-world flora interspersed with fauna bordering on the bizarre sound? In FantasyRama, you can make a magical home for groups of blossom geckos, bales of telepathic terrapins, routs of giant snails or tribes of shaman monkey, among many other mystical and wondrous creatures!

Spruce up your garden with pets

In most fantasy games, there is a glaring lack of true, loyal companions. Not in FantasyRama! This adventure game contains lovable pets that are as cuddly as they are useful. By adding a Creamagi, you can quicken your progress through FantasyRama. These pets need a healthy dose of patience, a great deal of attention and lots of tender, loving care to be a boon. But once they are, they can lend a major hand by giving you bonuses on plants, trees, EP and much more! The more EP you gain, the more enchantments you can unlock and the greater the splendor you can behold. Play now and add a dab of hocus-pocus to your life.



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